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Dormeo Memory Mattress 1"+5"

Dormeo Memory Mattress 1'+5'
Dormeo Memory Mattress 1'+5'Dormeo Memory Mattress 1'+5'Dormeo Memory Mattress 1'+5'Dormeo Memory Mattress 1'+5'

Dormeo Memory Mattress from visco-elastical memory foam perfectly adapts to the shape and position of your body, which gives you the feeling of weightlessness and flotation.

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Additiononal product info

Dormeo Memory 1'+5' Mattress also has therapeutic characteristics and other numerous advantages:

  • Comfortable: A 1 inches layer of visco-elastical memory foam is added to the classical core from ecocell (5 inches). It really improves the quality of sleep, as you don't have to change body position all the time. When we get up, the memory foam slowly returns to its primary position.
  • Relaxes the spine: Body weight equally distributes on the entire area, so the body is completely relaxed and disburdened. The mattress adapts to the shape of the spine and supports it.
  • Temperature sensitive mattress: Memory foam reacts to the body temperature. When temperatures are lower, it is firmer, and when they are higher, it is softer. This gives us the feeling of weightlessness, as we literally 'melt' into the foam.
  • Natural and healthy:
    • Cotton cover is impregnated with protection against dust mites, fungi and bacteria.
    • Carbon fibers release static electricity.
    • Unique cell structure enables the best possible airiness of the mattress.
  • Ecological: It is made from human- and eco-friendly materials.
  • Warranty: Quality guaranteed! A 12-year warranty for mattress core.
  • Safe purchase: Dormeo Memory 1'+5' Mattress can be tested for as much as 30 days.
  • Dormeo Memory 1'+5' is delivered to your bedroom: Our advisers bring the ordered mattress to your home and help you place it into your bed.
  • Vacuum packaging: Enables simple transport and mattress protection.

Your price: $ 532.80